LoveLeaf Garden - Ethnobotanicals Herbs and Extracts, Kratom, Incense

Welcome to LoveLeaf Garden
We offer a large assortment of top-quality herbs and extracts to businesses around the world. Most of our offerings are stocked in large quantities in the USA for quick delivery to you.  Please feel free to get in touch for more information and pricing. 

Custom Formulation Services
If you are looking to create a line of formulated herbal products, you'll need an expert herbalist to develop effective and safe formulas.  We can formulate your entire product line, whether you're hoping to offer teas, tinctures, salves, herbal oils, vinegars, honeys, dry encapsulated extracts, smoking blends, incense, culinary spice blends, or any other sort of herbal preparations.

Bulk Herbal Materials
We source top-quality organic and wildcrafted herbs as well as do some sustainable wildcrafting of our own in the forests of eastern North America.  Please contact us for information on our bulk herbs and extracts, specializing in wildcrafted premium Kratom powder, leaf, and extracts, Sceletium powder, and Ecuadorean Guayusa Tea, Palo Santo Incense, Pedicularis varieties, and a full selection of powdered broad-spectrum extracts of popular as well as difficult-to-source medicinal plants.

For many years we ran a retail shop from  We are currently only doing business directly with other businesses with the exception of occasionally listing some excess herbs on Ebay (Account: LoveLeafGarden).  We may open a retail shop up again in the future but for now, if you are seeking personal amounts of materials you used to purchase from us, we encourage you to put us in touch with other quality shops online and in your town.

 Please Contact Us.

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